Products:Waterproof-Breathable PTFE/PE Gasket

Posted by:info on 2022-04-14

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Waterproof-Breathable PTFE/PE Gasket

Material:Waterproof-Breathable PTFE membrane and porous PE gasket.

Application:Food, enzymes, bleach, hydrogen peroxide, Sodium hypochlorite, general chemicals, electronic grade chemicals...etc.

Feature:Release the gas pressure accumulated inside the container, reduce the risk of explosion.

Product appearance:

PTFE/PE gasket

Ventilation mechanism

PTFE/PE gasket - ventilation mechanism



High Airflow PTFE/PE

High Airflow/Protection PTFE/PE/PTFE

Hydrophobic PTFE Membrane

one-layer PTFE

one-layer PTFE

two-layer PTFE

Backing Material

Porous PE gasket

Total Thickness*

1.1 mm

1.1 mm

1.5 mm

1.1 mm

1.5 mm

Water Entry Pressure

> 0.5 bar

> 0.3 bar

> 0.3 bar

Air flow(△p=12mbar)

> 6 L/hr

> 16 L/hr

> 16 L/hr

*For customized design, please contact us.